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Stunning London smart home by pro install AV

Here’s a £400K bespoke smart home installation recently completed in London by Pro install AV. check out the details below of this stunning home and all that 19″ rack porn too…

Bespoke home Cinema Design

The focal point of the entire luxury property, this elegantly designed space combines the pinnacle of contemporary luxury with the latest innovations in home cinema technology.

Whilst the lavish decor and unbridled comfort create the perfect environment for mum and dad to kick back and relax at the end of a long working day, the actual AV installation was designed to deliver an authentic multiplex experience and bring the action right into the home regardless as to whether the whole family got together for a blockbuster movie night or dad used it to watch the Premier league in peace.

To achieve this, a JVC X9000R projector and purpose-built three-metre screen with a custom case painted to match the interior cabinets are combined with a bespoke Sonance speaker system including:

Sonance DSP 2-150 digital Amplifier

3 Sonance Cinema series LCR2 in-wall speakers

2 VPSUB10-NC in-wall subwoofers

4 Sonance VP86S in-ceiling surround speakers

By connecting the home cinema to a multitude of sources (streaming services, an in-house media server, consoles, and sky HD), every member of the family can enjoy the movies, shows, and entertainment they love in grand style.

19-Room Audio Solution

Whilst the home cinema room may be the heart of the home, the family wanted the freedom to roam throughout their substantial home and take extraordinary sound performance with them wherever they went.

Once again, their London AV installers were up to the challenge.

Sticking with Sonance, a brand renowned not only for the outstanding audio quality of their speakers but for the unique ways that their products can be integrated into the walls and ceilings of any room, the family ultimately went for the next-generation visual performance series VP66R Difuzoare.

Chosen for their highly flexible positioning, sleek design, and five-star performance, a total of 60 (30 pairs) of these speakers are connected to a range of audio visual systems to deliver crisp, clear sound in the 19 rooms where they spend most of their time, including the lounge, pool area, and bedrooms.

Outdoor Audio Installation

Come the summer months, the family spend much of their time outdoors, either relaxing in one of three large garden zones, enjoying a family dinner al fresco style, or entertaining pals and relatives.As such, building their dream smart home meant ensuring there was always a way to get the party started outside of the home, no matter what the occasion may be.

To that end, they opted for an outdoor audio installation built once again around a Sonance audio solution.

This time, a powerful Sonance Sonarray subwoofer is placed below ground and connected to eight Sonarray SR1 speakers, each one discreetly hidden behind various garden features to ensure optimal sound quality without sacrificing the stunning landscape design of the three outdoor zones.

Whole home WiFi and Fibre Optic Cabling

Ensuring there was enough Internet connectivity to not only power the whole AV installation but to provide the family with high-performance broadband for day-to-day use across such an expansive home meant that no common WiFi solution will do.

As such, the family opted for a Ruckus 802.11ac system, comprised of the following key components:

ChannellFly channel management

Zone director 1200 Controller

7 R500 access Points

2 outdoor access point T300s.

To enhance performance even further, TV points throughout the property, along with a special data cab implemented in the garden were connected to a Cleerline SSF fibre network which, when combined with the Ruckus Wireless solution, ensures that this is one bespoke smart home system that truly is equipped to meet the demands of today’s modern family.

About pro install AV: established in 2006, pro install AV work with industry professionals and private clients providing smart home automation services, for all budgets across London, the UK, and Europe. browse www.proinstallav.co.uk for more information.

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